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In 10 minutes – How to Send Data from Instapage to Salesforce, HubSpot, Freshsales, Intercom, Slack and more

July 28, 2017   |
   Vishnu Vankayala
Digital Marketer’s today use a range of tools to suit the needs of their organization and one such popular landing page tool is Instapage. While Instapage is a great landing page builder, they don’t have integrations with all the tools out there in the market.
How to Send Data from Instapage to Salesforce, HubSpot, Freshsales, Intercom, Slack and more
While there are tools like Segment, which help you share data to over 180 software products; their implementation is very tech heavy and you definitely need to be; or have a developer to implement it. Being a digital marketer myself, I know one thing for sure – Digital Marketer’s hate code and they don’t like to be dependent on a developer or an IT colleague to get their work done. Given the scenario, is there a solution for this problem? Yes. Absolutely.

Introducing Action Recorder

A simple, user-friendly interface to map webpage Actions on Instapage landing pages and send data to the platforms of your choice like Salesforce, HubSpot, Freshsales, Intercom, Slack and more via Segment.

Recording Lead Form Submissions on Instapage

Generating leads is one of the primary goals of a landing page and the lead data is generally shared to an inside sales team or a tele-caller to follow-up with the leads. If you are using a CRM such as Freshsales or HubSpot, which is not on the list of integrations (as on Nov 18, 2016) of Instapage, then you either have to rely on the email notifications or download the data manually in a CSV file and upload it to your CRM. Obviously, this is not efficient. A better way to automate this without any leakage is to use Action Recorder along with Segment.

How to record Actions using Action Recorder

This video gives you step-by-step instructions on how you can record Actions such as – a lead form submission on an Instapage landing page.

How to integrate Segment with CustomerLabs

Once you have started recording Actions using Action Recorder, you can integrate with Segment to send data to over 180 platforms. Watch this quick video to help yourself.

Love Slack?

If you are one of those, more modern digital marketers and like to keep things simple, there is something for you as well.  We at CustomerLabs have actually integrated our landing page submissions from different landing page tools onto Slack. So, as soon as a lead form submission happens, we get a quick update in a Slack channel. Sounds crazy? Take a look.
Slack Integration - CustomerLabs

Wrapping Up

You can now record actions on your Instapage landing pages and send it to various platforms in ten minutes via Segment. So, do Sign up for CustomerLabsand give it a spin. Let us know your thoughts, suggestions, questions and feedback in the comments. Would be happy to hear from all you lovely folks out there. For more exclusive insider updates from CustomersLabs and latest news from the Digital Marketing industry, do Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.
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