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Add 20% revenue by scaling your retargeting campaigns using first-party data​

iOS screwed your ecommerce sales. Use first-party data to improve your ad campaign performance.​

Our clients added 15%-20% of their revenue by scaling their
retargeting campaigns. Despite iOS14+ update.



Founder, Lead Widget

Match rates on Facebook went from really low to above 70% which alone lowered our retargeting costs. Now, we segment and retarget the users based on behavior, which has allowed our clients to experience exemplary improvements in their ROAS. The Customer Labs team is a great group to partner with and I couldn't recommend their solution enough.


General Manager, W for Woman

Transitioning to a first-party data ecosystem is made seamless with CustomerLabs Increase audience match rate was the impressive part where we could see the results in 3 to 4 weeks without the developer's support.


Allie Bird

Founder, Solar Kits

After implementing CustomerLabs we saw our match rate increase by 70% in a really short period of time. Because of this, we have SO much more confidence in our attribution data and our targeting, which has increased our ROAS from ~13x to over 20x. The Customer Labs team is a great group to partner with and I couldn't recommend their solution enough.

90 days plan to drive 20% more revenue

You will start profiling both anonymous and known website visitors first-party data.​

“90% of the brands miss-out on collecting high-intent anonymous website visitors data”

You will see 2 - 3X times improved custom audience match rate on ad platforms like FB, Google etc.

Activate your custom audience segments on Facebook and Google ads.

For ex: Re-target the users who added to cart but not purchased in the last 30 day on both FB and Google ads


Now you can scale your MOFU & BOFU ad campaigns which add 20% to your overall revenue

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The Impact of First-Party Data on Ad campaign performance

First-party audiences convert 4X higher than new audiences in ASC campaigns

Optimize your Advantage+ Shopping and PMax AI strategies by utilizing first-party audience data as integral signals. This targeted approach has led to ASC campaigns achieving a remarkable 4X increase in conversion rates when retargeting first-party audiences.

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Scale Remarketing campaigns with reduced CPP and higher ROAS

With higher custom audience match rates, you can reach more audience and reduce your CPP (cost per purchase) while you achieve higher ROAS (return on ad spend).

Our customers see a 20% incremental revenue boost With First-Party data

How W for Woman overcame the iOS’14+ update using CustomerLabs and added 20% revenue

Increased match rates from 20% to 80%

30% Higher ROAS

Contributed 20% to the revenue

Higher number of purchases in retargeting than brand search campaigns.

“ Retargeting website visitors have 3X times better conversion rate than TOFU campaigns. - Think with Google- Case study

Implement in 30 minutes with zero
developers support


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