Control Multiple Product’s Cost Per Purchase using First-party data ops

Honestly, nothing against Shopify. To build an eCommerce platform, Shopify is ofcourse one of the best. Someday If I start selling peanut butter; I would prefer Shopify. 

But does Shopify enable or help performance marketers? That’s the pain.

Let me tell you a kutty story (a short tale) to put the context straight. 

One of our customers faced a major challenge: reducing their CPP. However, the complexity increased because they had two key products with different price points. Therefore, the goal was to reduce the CPP for each individual product, not just the overall CPP on Meta.

Their expected CPP for each of the products are: 

  • Product A @ 185 USD Expected CPP 
  • Product B @ 115 USD Expected CPP

“Unfortunately, most of the marketers, not by choice but due to lack of flexibility, optimize the ad campaigns for Shopify’s default/standard purchase events on Meta ”

1. Custom conversion event for two separate products: 

Reiterating the reasons again: 

  • Product A @ 185 USD Expected CPP 
  • Product B @ 115 USD Expected CPP

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