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Integrate Salesforce CRM with Facebook Ads and increase conversions 2x



Salesforce CRM – Facebook ads integration helps businesses automatically connect right into Salesforce with Facebook for marketing & sales teams to work and nurture leads, run campaigns to lure them as customers.

Traditional way of running ad campaigns based on CRM stages

Traditionally marketers export Salesforce CRM data and import it to Facebook for running Facebook Ad campaigns

It is a crude method to export and import data to run ad campaigns as CRM data changes in real-time. By the time you export and import data into Facebook, your prospect would have moved from warm to the hot stage and your ad messaging becomes irrelevant to the prospect.

Salesforce CRM and Facebook Ads integration - Frustrated marketer

This is where the integration of Salesforce CRM and Facebook becomes a necessity for marketers

In our internal marketing activities, with our CDP we take a different approach and have hit a home run with our real-time integrations with Facebook ads 

How Salesforce CRM and Facebook Ads real-time integration helps increase marketers conversions

With CustomerLabs No-code CDP, marketers can seamlessly integrate Salesforce and Facebook at ease and send real-time data directly from Salesforce CRM to Facebook Ads rather than painfully exporting and importing data into Facebook.

Here’s a use case on how real-time integration between Salesforce CRM and Facebook ads eases the modern-marketers headache

Use case: Rewarm cold-qualified MQLs in the Salesforce CRM and increase your MQL-Conversion ratio by 2x.

Marketers fill up their MQL’s through inbound and outbound marketing channels and hand over it to the sales team for account closures. Around 70% of the MQLs won’t respond to Sales teams’ calls or mailers and these MQLs fall into CRMs qualified cold bucket in the opportunity pipeline.

MQLs in the qualified cold bucket keep on populating and stays forever in it as the sales team shifts their focus to incoming new MQLs.

Solution to rewarm MQLs in the qualified cold leads bucket in the opportunity pipeline

By integrating Salesforce CRM with Facebook Ads, marketers can run personalised ad campaigns for the leads in the qualified cold leads bucket within CRMs and rewarm them, thus increasing the MQL-conversion ratio.

It’s not just running personalised campaigns for different stages in the CRM that increases conversion rate, an increase in Facebook match rate by CDP helps increase the conversion as well.

How CDP can Increase your Facebook match rate by up to 90%

After integrating the website, CRM, and other tools with CDP. CDP builds a unified 360-degree customer profile for each prospect and starts enriching the data with external ids. This prospect data enrichment increases the Facebook match rate between 70%-90% which is pretty high when compared to the usual match rate percentage that ranges between 10%-30%.

Facebook Conversion API with Salesforce

Browsers have started blocking third-party cookie tracking which is going to pretty much impact the pixels tracking ability. It’s not just browsers, with the iOS 14 update its is pretty evident that tracking abilities of Facebook are going to get limited.

And the solution is Conversion API(CAPI). CustomerLabs CDP supports Facebook conversion API integration.

Facebook conversion API primarily evolved from Server-to-Server API lets advertisers send web events from their servers to Facebook server and not through Javascript, which in turn helps optimize the Facebook Ad campaigns.

Implementation of Facebook Conversion API helps advertisers measure campaigns accurately, optimize and increase overall campaign performance.

Facebook Conversion API

Benefits of integrating Salesforce CRM and Facebook ads:

👉 Save time and effort by syncing Salesforce CRM data with Facebook in real-time.

👉 Run personalized campaigns for prospects depending upon their CRM stages.

👉 Increased Facebook match rates increasing the overall conversion rate by 2x.

👉 Supports Facebook Conversion API helping marketers measure ad campaign performance accurately and optimize them

Raja is passionate about using first-party data for targeted advertising. He studies Google and Facebook's strategies and case studies to help businesses maximize their customer data for powerful marketing.

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