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Clickfunnels GA4 Integration Using CustomerLabs CDP



Most clickfunnel owners rely on the information provided by the users. As of now, you cannot send any personally identifiable information (PII) to GA4. So, how do you get the complete analytics? The major concern in Clickfunnels is – the URL changes when the user jumps from one funnel to another. This makes it difficult to map a single user journey throughout, taking a hit on analytics. Connect GA4 with Clickfunnels to solve these problems.

To send the Clickfunnels traffic data to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) with all the parameters and signals that Google needs, you would need a tech stack that helps you with it.

Why Connect GA4 with Clickfunnels?

Google Analytics 4 or GA4 is a boon for marketers as it gives a comprehensive analysis of your website traffic. Without GA4, you can collect the details of known users who land on your website, and analyze that data all by yourself using some other tools. But out of 100 website visitors, only 2 or 3 are known users (those who sign up or share their personally identifiable information (PII)). What about the 97 or 98 users who are anonymous website visitors on your Clickfunnels website? When you send this 100% user data to GA4, you can analyze users’ behavior, demographics, geographical details, etc., of your total website traffic.

You can also see the conversion data, your retargeting ad campaign performance, increase conversion rate, measure the page performance, etc., if you integrate your Clickfunnels with GA4 by keeping a check on signal loss. 

So you need to connect your Clickfunnels with GA4 for:

Data-driven optimization

GA4 provides a comprehensive analysis of user interactions within your funnels, enabling data-driven decisions for improvement.

Privacy-focused future

GA4 is built for the evolving privacy landscape, allowing you to collect and utilize first-party data effectively.

Improved measurement

GA4 offers a unified platform to track Clickfunnels website data, including conversion data giving you a holistic view of user journeys.

The problem with direct integration of Clickfunnels with GA4

GA4 can directly collect your website user data when you have the Gtag setup. However, due to breakage from one funnel to another, the entire customer journey is broken into bits and pieces, making it difficult for you to understand the users.

Connect GA4 with Clickfunnels The Right Way

To collect the user data without any signal loss, you need to use a robust technology such as CustomerLabs CDP. CustomerLabs CDP helps you track the user journey across your Clickfunnels without any major code.

Step 1:

Create your GA4 property in your Google Analytics account. In the admin settings, choose data streams and copy your measurement ID. You must paste this measurement ID in CustomerLabs while integrating your GA4 with CustomerLabs.

Step 2:

Create a CustomerLabs account and connect your Clickfunnels with CustomerLabs CDP as a source. Ensure the data flows seamlessly without loss from Clickfunnels to CustomerLabs.

Step 3: 

Integrate CustomerLabs with GA4 with just a few clicks by finding Google Analytics 4 in the destinations. To send the data from the server side, make use of “Measurement Protocol API Secrets”.

For anonymous website visitors, toggle on the enable user ID tracking option available in the advanced settings. You can refer to the complete details in the comprehensive documentation on how to integrate CustomerLabs with GA4.

Once the setup is complete and you collect the data over time without any loss, you have access to huge data, helping your marketing teams.

CTA - Start your first party data OPs Journey with CustomerLabs CDP.

Benefits of CustomerLabs CDP and Clickfunnels Combo

Integrating CustomerLabs CDP with Clickfunnels allows you to have a centralized system to send the data to multiple platforms, leveraging a plethora of benefits. Let’s see all the benefits below:

One stop solution when you connect Clickfunnels with GA4 using CustomerLabs CDP

CustomerLabs CDP offers integration with any platform. You can collect the data from your Clickfunnels website and from your CRM, offline events, etc. Now, once you collect the data, you can unify the data and merge the user profiles into one using an advanced identity graph and identity resolution technology, stitcher

Therefore, if a single user interacts with your business across multiple platforms and funnels, CustomerLabs merges all these interactions into one. Next, you can segment these audiences based on their behavior or any other strategies you desire, and push this data across multiple platforms. CustomerLabs CDP allows you to push data into Google Ads, Google Analytics (GA4), Meta Ads (Conversions API) from Clickfunnels, Klaviyo, etc., and any other destination.

Enhanced user journey tracking

CustomerLabs CDP helps you gain a comprehensive understanding of user flows across your funnels. Therefore, avoid data silos by having one single source of truth for all your user data. 

Improved targeting and personalization

Leverage user data for more targeted ad campaigns and personalized experiences within funnels. Using CustomerLabs CDP, you can utilize the option of multichannel or omnichannel marketing to provide a seamless experience and enhanced personalization to your users across platforms.

Data-driven decision making

Use the data you collect on the server side using CustomerLabs CDP to optimize elements, calls to action, and overall funnel structure. 

Privacy-compliant data collection

Moving ahead into the cookieless future businesses must adopt the first-party data approach to collect user data with consent. Having a tool like CustomerLabs in your stack allows you to provide a personalized experience to your users while prioritizing their privacy. 


Integrating Clickfunnels with GA4 empowers you with valuable user insights to optimize your funnels for better performance and conversions. By utilizing GA4 data analysis effectively, you can make data-driven decisions and create high-converting Clickfunnels experiences for your users. CustomerLabs CDP helps you integrate your Clickfunnels with GA4 seamlessly without much effort. Therefore choose the right method to integrate GA4 with Clickfunnels using CustomerLabs CDP for added benefits.

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