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What we did before going to SaaStock?

It’s been more than a week since SaaStock ended but we just got back to our desks. So what took us so long to get back to work after attending a conference? No, we didn’t go exploring Dublin… but met a few clients, prospects and most of all explored some powerful & effective use cases for our tool – No Code Customer Data Platform!

If your startup is in the growth stage, a conference (though expensive) will be the best place to validate & learn more about the problems you’re solving. The SaaStock was the best decision we ever made, but only because we had a clear strategy of what we wanted to get out of it. 

A slide from Dan Martell’s session on the opening day at SaaStock Dublin.

For CustomerLabs our major goal was to set up meetings with as many marketers as possible since our platform (CustomerLabs CDP) helps marketers track and sync the customer data they need without depending on their developers. 

Here are a few Inbound/Outbound techniques that helped us book meetings with marketers in the SaaS space before we landed in Dublin.

What we did not do with the attendee list

Once the attendee list was out, we did not spam everyone through emails or LinkedIn asking them for a meeting. Instead, identified a few target customer profiles and came up with a clear messaging that explained what we wanted to get out of the meeting. Once the messaging part was over, we sent a personal email to everyone… yes, you heard that right! No automation. Then followed it up with multiple emails.

Expanded our target list

Here at CustomerLabs, we use CustomerLabs CDP to track & sync all our website data. It can go beyond tracking just page views & gives actionable insights such as depth of engagement, content of interest and more.

We filtered users based on their location, industry, company size & content they engaged with in the past 3 months. Then sent personalized emails to everyone in that segment. But that was just less than 20% of our website traffic. So how did I reach out to the rest (80%) who “anonymously” (who did not give their name/email) engaged with our content? Using CustomerLabs CDP we sent the anonymous audience data to Facebook and Google Adwords in real-time & served relevant ads. Again, followed them up with relevant content. 

CustomerLabs CDP segmentation screen

Aaaand Voila!

The responses started coming 🙂

Met wonderful people, got to learn a bunch of things, made some good friends and most importantly chugged GUINNESS at every opportunity we got!

Now our entire outlook on expos and conferences has changed. Looking forward to SaaStock 2020!!

Vishnu Vankayala

CEO of CustomerLabs, Building next-generation tools for Digital Marketers.

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