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First-Party Data vs Facebook Pixel Data

How to navigate the iOS’14 restrictions and achieve optimal ad growth with first-party data

Tue, 28 , March 2023 |

11:30 AM EST

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Vishnu Vankayala

Founder & CEO CustomerLabs
FIrst-Party Audience

Sariga V Gangadharan


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In this community, you can connect with fellow marketers and share insights on how effectively you can use a first-party data-driven approach to your digital advertising and many other areas of marketing.

Unlike other communities here we speak about real-life marketers' issues and not the generic textbook concepts.

To succeed in the Holiday season sales, and X-mas ad campaigns, or in your marketing game itself, the huge tech giant Google itself urges marketers to use their own first-party data rather than adhering to conventional advertising guidelines and recommendations.

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