Conversions API & Offline Conversion API: What, Why & How


Complete Guide on Facebook Conversions API & Offline Conversions API

What is Facebook Conversions API

It is the evolution of server-to-server API
Acts as a bridge between website/CRMs and Meta Server
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You should choose Conversions API because

- Latest iOS updates
- Emerging data-privacy regulations like GDPR
- Google to stop third-party cookie tracking on Chrome

Step-by-Step Guide to implement Conversions API Yourself!

5 Step guide to implement  Meta Conversions API in less than 29 minutes!
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Why choose CustomerLabs to implement Conversions API?

  1. No- Code - Quick implementation (in just a few clicks)
  2. Improved EMQ & EMR
  3. In Compliance with Privacy Laws
  4. White-glove Support

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