8 Proven best practices for Offline Conversion Tracking

Here are the best practices to follow when implementing Offline Conversion Tracking

Keep the data flowing continuously from your CRM to Google Ads

Assign an External ID for all your offline conversions to let Google understand the users accurately and match them

Add values to your offline conversions to train the ad algorithm

Bid For Value -Don't just chase clicks! 
Do this instead - Bid for actual value.Use offline data with value to leverage value-based bidding to maximize the total value of conversions.

Go Beyond The Final Conversion
Track your entire funnel, not just final conversions! 
Optimize each funnel stage individually for faster learning and increased lead generation.

Start by optimizing the lowest conversion point possible and move on to the next stages of the funnel as you get enough data.

Include the consent parameter when you send the offline conversion data to Google Ads. Bonus tip: You can use CustomerLabs 1PD OPs to implement Consent mode V2 for offline conversions.

Consent Mode v2 for Offline Conversions

Feed accurate first-party data from your offline sources (real-world customer data) to ad algorithms for better targeting and drive optimal results.

By following these 8 best practices you can enhance your ad campaign performance

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