Dear eCommerce Marketer, Why do Google Techniques fail to reduce CAC post iOS'14 updates

To Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost, Google recommends you to Increase retargeting ad campaigns, Increase LTV & use strong ad copies and attractive ad creatives

Know How to Do the Above

But retargeting campaigns are not performing… After the iOS’14 update, ad platforms like Facebook and Google access to iOS’14 behavioral data is severely limited.

And Therefore, Facebook custom audience match rate sucks

Improve beyond 80%

Only specific products are suitable for the LTV strategy. And even for them retargeting sucks!

Debunking the myth: Increase in LTV reduces CAC

Example of a Washing Machine
Washing machines are like a one-time investment.
It doesn't matter whatever the LTV strategy is, it won't work effectively for these business types.

To reduce Customer Acquisition Cost, start collecting First-party data

Collect First-party data!

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