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How to achieve a 60% increase in conversions by centralizing customer data

PERSONALIZATION – Marketers around the globe must be sick and tired of hearing this. It is not like they are against delivering tailored messages across channels to make their customers feel important. The bottleneck here is getting the right customer data. 

So, how to get the right customer data?

Hint: Unified marketing stack

Why should you integrate your marketing stack smartly?

Consider this example, as a SaaS marketer you want to send emails to your trial users to convert them to a paid plan using Intercom.

Since you don’t want to send the same message to both your paid and trial users, you integrate your subscription billing software (Chargebee) with Intercom. The problem with straight forward integration between the tools is a mismatch of User IDs which results in duplicates of the same user being formed.

Resolving the user identities between the two platforms is a herculean task which takes a bunch of development time. Developer assistance is also required every time you want to try out new strategies like sending this data to ad platforms or product analytics tools.  

However, a smart integration solution that can logically map & send customer data to existing marketing platforms without consuming time & developer assistance can help overcome this problem.

Connect Intercom with Chargebee using CustomerLabs CDP Sources

Common roadblocks 

With the martech landscape growing every day, marketers are presented with new tools and technologies to provide the best experience to their customers. However, the more the tools the more difficult it is to get the right customer data.

The user interaction with a brand across multiple touchpoints such as website, email, ads & app is not easily available in one place and certainly not easy to get without any developer assistance. 

This developer dependency and complexity of today’s platforms limit the marketer’s dream of achieving a complete view of their customers.

Send usable customer data to any source

Marketers are supposed to evolve as quickly as their customers but are stalled by their developers at every step of the way. At CustomerLabs, we believe that providing marketers with an intuitive platform can help them accelerate their growth strategies. 

With this in mind, we have beta launched Sources. Using CustomerLabs CDP Sources, marketers can efficiently sync customer data between existing platforms without writing a single line of code. This gives access to a complete 360-degree profile of their customers. 

Using Sources, marketing teams can:

  1. Integrate all existing marketing tools without developer help
  2. Avoid messy and junk data
  3. Make ‘any platform’ their single source of truth
  4. Track the entire customer journey right form being an anonymous user to a loyal customer
  5. Democratize data by providing firsthand access to customer data for other teams
  6. Hyper segment and trigger personalized messages

Advantages of interconnected platforms 

Interconnecting all existing platforms helps marketers pinpoint the exact stage of their customers and deliver relevant content. 

Using Sources marketers can simply integrate their CRM & email marketing platform without depending on their developers.

This opens up a wide range of opportunities, 

  1. Filter out sales owned leads
  2. Re-engage cold leads with relevant and personalized content
  3. Enrich CRM records with combining information from multiple sources

and more

60% increase in conversion rates

A popular messaging software saw a huge drop in the number of marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) converting into sales opportunities. The occasional nurturing emails proved futile. The marketing team was desperately looking for other ways to re-engage with these leads. Using CustomerLabs CDP, they were able to integrate their CRM and ad platforms within two days. This resulted in showing relevant ads to all the non-responsive leads based on their lifecycle stage. The company saw a massive 60% increase in opportunity conversion rates, with zero developer interference. 


While marketers strive to personalize every customer touchpoint, they are not able to fetch the right customer data. 

The only solution to this problem is to centralize customer data by tying all the tools in their marketing stack.

But data integration projects are daunting and require extensive developer help. 

With CustomerLabs CDP Sources, marketers can connect all their platforms and get the data they’ve always wanted – without depending on their development teams.

Vishnu Vankayala

CEO of CustomerLabs, Building next-generation tools for Digital Marketers.

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